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Trevor & Sharyn's Elopement

Waipara Springs - 14.04.2022

Trevor and Sharyn shared their intimate elopement on a beautiful autumn day at the Waipara Springs Winery & Restaurant. It was just perfect!

Kineta Booker (celebrant), myself and the gorgeous in love couple arrived at the venue ready for a simple, yet absolutely stunning moment! Everything was just perfect! From the fine details of whites, golds, and greenery all around, to the falling autumn leaves and the bride in her beautifully autumn matched dress, it all came together so wonderfully.

The ceremony took place under a beautiful arch, where the couple shared their most intimate vows with each other! I can't promise that I didn't shed a tear or two as they vowed to love each other for all their days! It was so magical to be a part of such a special moment!

As they had decided not to have any guests at their elopement I had the wonderful honour of being one of their marriage licence witnesses... how cool! As my very first elopement I absolutely fell in love with being so in the moment with the couple without the rush of a traditional wedding and it's timeline!

We headed off the the vineyard fields where we jumped a fence and walked in-between the colourful grape vines... the sunshine twirling on our skin! It was just absolutely amazing, and Trevor and Sharyn were just absolute gems to be around!

I won't say more... as I truly believe that photos speak a million words themselves; enjoy!


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