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About me... Chaznel Steenkamp

First of all thank you for taking the time to stop by today! I absolutely love sharing what I do, because I REALLY DO LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!

My journey as a photographer started in year four, we had just moved to New Zealand and I went on my first school camp at the Long Bay Reserve. I begged mum to buy me a disposable Fujifilm camera so I could remember my trip and oh my, I took images of everything and everyone, in fact, I ended up filling the camera within the first few hours of camp! Since then I have loved taking photos of people, landscapes, and just life overall!

I started taking photography a little more seriously during my high school years, taking lots and lots of precious images of friends and family at gatherings, really taking notice of the raw interactions between people. I became the go-to photographer at my youth groups and absolutely loved getting those raw moments of someone pulling a face and not realizing the camera was pointed at them.

I realized that I wanted to photograph images for people in my communities and surroundings so they could also treasure pure memories of happiness and joy shared throughout their lives. I fell in love with capturing the in-between moments and this beautiful thing called human interaction.

Weddings and couples sessions have been such a wonderful addition to my storytelling journey, and they have allowed me to grow so much more in my creativeness. What excites me the most about being apart of weddings and couples sessions is the fact that I get to tell your story... I always thought in another life I might be a story writer, but I am absolutely living the dream creating stories through my images.

I'm a chatterbox and my favourite thing is talking weddings, I could literally do it all day long, so if you are wanting some more info then please get in touch via the form below and I will be with you shortly! 

I cannot wait to talk wedding or engagement with you!!!!

Lots of love,

Chaznel xx