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Daniel & Mel's Elopement

Godley Heads, Christchurch - 22.06.2022

Daniel and Mel chose to elope away at Godley Heads surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The views matched with a super stunning couple made for a pretty spectacular elopement!

Their ceremony was especially unique as they even included their kids who had an opportunity to say a few words. I love being a part of such beautiful moments where memories are made and kept forever!

Once again I was honoured to work alongside the beautiful Kineta Booker (celebrant) who led the ceremony gracefully as per usual. The sun had come out, the wind had slowed down (which I've heard is quite uncommon for Godley Heads) and there was a sense of love in the air; just perfect!

When I arrived I had a few moments to take in the view and scout for the perfect little spots for Daniel and Mel to have their portraits done before anyone arrived. One of my favourite things to do is take a moment to explore the venue or location that my couples have chosen to tie the knot at; we have so many beautiful spots here in our little nook of the world so why not enjoy them! Godley Heads has so many great areas for portraits with all the different backdrops ranging from ocean views to long grasses and windy roads.

After a beautiful ceremony the official paperwork took place and two of their kids acted as their witnesses. I think it's such a special idea to include kids in the ceremony and witness process; definitely against the grain of your typical wedding.

Once all the group photos and celebratory moments came to an end Daniel, Mel, and myself sneaked away for some couples portraits; focusing the day on them and their love! One thing that I always love about couples portraits whether it be for an engagement session, wedding, or an elopement is allowing my couples to take a moment and just take in what's happening, be in the moment. Life goes by so quickly and I believe it's so important to take those in between moments and just be; enjoy it.

We had such a blast taking in the views and the sunshine while creating beautiful lasting memories for Daniel and Mel to treasure for many many years to come.

I absolutely love being a part of elopements and was so blessed to have been a part of Daniel and Mel's moment in choosing forever with each other!

But for now... those are all the words I have to say, because like I always say photos speak a million words themselves; enjoy!


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