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Picnic Elopements

The perfect way to get married and share in the joy with a bite to eat afterwards...

Together fellow North Canterbury vendors Kineta Booker, Unic Picnic, Catered Affairs and myself bring you our Picnic Elopement Package. All organised for you; just show up and enjoy your fabulous day!

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Once you book, I will put you in touch with Kineta to start planning your perfect ceremony. Then with Natalie at Unic Picnic to chat about the style and colours you’d like for the picnic, as well as guest numbers. And last but not least Sheree from Catered Affair who will take care of the catering for you.

How absolutely perfect (and easy!) is that!


The complete elopement package covering your celebrant, photographer, picnic, and catering!

Find our more on pricing and how to book here:

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