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Elopements with Carissa and Chaznel are proud to announce elopement packages to all couples situated in the Canterbury region! A fun and adventurous way to get hitched, and better yet you can include your ten nearest and dearest to join in on the action!

Whisk away and elope within two hours at beautiful locations all across the Canterbury region. 


The Package: 

  • Three consultations leading up to your elopement

  • Your choice of location (with help from our list) 

  • Personalised ceremony with Carissa Hannah Celebrant

  • Up to one hour photo coverage by Chaznel Steenkamp Photography

  • Private online gallery with your elopement images 

  • Personalised USB with your gallery sent out to you

  • Bottle of Champagne 




  • Photo printing services $TBD 

  • Travel out of the Christchurch-to-Amberley areas $0.80/km we will advise on this


Photo by Claire Dewson Photography

Please note: 

  • The marriage license is not included, this must be organised by you (feel free to ask Carissa if you need any help with this) 

  • There is a $300 non-refundable deposit to secure your date with us 

  • This package includes travel anywhere between Amberley and Christchurch, anywhere outside of this area may incur a fee of $0.80/km


What do I need to organise for the elopement?

  • You will need to choose a time, date, and location (we will provide you with a location list to choose from), and plan your outfits. You will also need to organise your witnesses and/or ten nearest and dearest. But most importantly you will need to apply for your marriage licence, which Carissa will guide you through. 

Why is there three consultations and what will they cover? 

  • The first initial consultation will with both Carissa and myself where you will be able to select location, time, date, and ask any questions you may have about the process leading up to your elopement with us. The second consultation will be with Carissa where you will go over your vows, the process of applying for your marriage license, and where you are welcome to ask any questions about the ceremony. The last consultation will be with myself where you will have the opportunity to get to know me and go through any images you may like to have taken during your ceremony and after. 

What location ideas can I choose from:

North Canterbury: 

  • Amberley Beach Forest

  • Waipara River

  • Matawai Park, Rangiora

  • Scott Rose Garden, Kaiapoi 


  • Christchurch Botanical Gardens

  • Coronation Hill Scenic Reserve (Port Hills) 

  • Bottle Lake Forest

  • Godley Heads


  • Hinewai Reserve

  • The Garden of Tane

  • Birdlings Flat

  • Duvauchelle

South Canterbury: 

  • Timaru Botanical Gardens

  • Peel Forest, Geraldine

  • Lake Tekapo

  • Rangitata Reserve

  • Trotts Garden, Ashburton 

What do I need to keep in mind when choosing time and location? 

  • It is always a good idea to keep in mind that these locations are usually public locations which means there will be others present during the day. When choosing your location think about whether there is a more private area at this location where you won’t have a photobomber or bystander. When it comes to choosing your time for the elopement you may want to consider the seasons as well, during winter you may want an earlier selection as the evenings are chillier, or during summer you may want a later selection as the golden hour slot has moved. Feel free to get in touch if you would like any help with deciding on your time and location, we are always happy to help. 

Can I have my elopement in my backyard? 

  • Absolutely! This may add so much more sentimental value to the day! 

What about small details like flowers and arches?

  • If you would like to dress up your elopement with flowers and arches or any other decor, you are welcome to source that for the wedding. We can also provide you with a list of vendors who could point you in the right direction for your special day. 

Can my nearest and dearest take photos during the elopement? 

  • Yes absolutely! I do kindly ask that guests do refrain from using flash during the course of the elopement as this may affect the image quality. 

How long after the elopement will we receive our images? 

  • You will receive sneak peek images within 24 hours of your elopement, how exciting! You will receive the full gallery online within three - four weeks after the elopement and your USB will be out in the mail the following day if it falls on a business day. 

Why should I choose to elope with Carissa and Chaznel? 

  • Do you want a fun, personalised, stress-free, and adventurous elopement? Then that is exactly what you will get from Carissa and myself! We aim to create a moment in your lives that you will treasure for many years to come. Feel confident that you get to spend one of the most important days of your life solely focused on enjoying it with the people that you love and cherish!

When can I book? 

  • Right now! Get in touch to find out more! 


If you would like to proceed with booking your Elopement with us then get in touch today! 


Lots of love,


Chaznel xx