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Chaznel Steenkamp Photography - Elopement Photographer based in North Canterbury, New Zealand

Hi there!

I'm Chaznel, New Zealand Elopement Photographer specialising in planning the best elopement just for you!


I love capturing raw, candid and natural moments in time that really capture the essence of your relationship whilst also planning an epic elopement experience that leaves you with the best day of your lives!

My home hub is North Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand but I love travel and creating elopements that suits your travel dreams. 

When you book me as your elopement photographer you can expect a fun, relaxing and natural experience... we will go on memorable adventures, from wine tasting tours to mini golf after the ceremony, this is your day, DREAM BIG!

Want to plan something EPIC together? I'd love to hear from you!

Chaznel xx

Eloping is for you when:
✔️You don't want other's opinions
You want it just to be the two of you
✔️You don't want to spend thousands on feeding people you don't even really know 

Ruan + Natalie - Autumn Minis 2024-1.jpg




1️⃣ We can plan a day of FUN activities without a timeline holding us hostage
2️⃣ The day literally is about you as the BRIDE AND GROOM; no distractions
3️⃣ We can go to some pretty EPIC locations without having to be back at the wedding to entertain guests
4️⃣ We can change the timeline of the day on the spot if we think of something BETTER to do
5️⃣ We can go all day or we can keep it short

Rob + Natasha - Elopement-272.jpg

"Chaznel has sent us our photos last week and I've dipped in and out of them so many times. There are so many stunning photos! Thanks to both Chaznel and Kineta for helping us elope in such a perfect way."

- R + N

Get in touch...

All enquiries will be answered as soon as possible! I can't wait to hear from you and get to know your story!

Chaznel xx

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